The blog has been officially updated!

The “About” page contains general information on the project as well as videos about the beginnings of the Books & Beyond Project told from three different perspectives- Nancy Uslan, Ali Nagle, and Lauren Caldarera.

The “Events” page contains a timeline and description of all the major B & B events from the 2008-2009 school year, with the most recent events listed first. There are also a few pictures posted for each of the major workshops and trips. Upcoming event: Trip to Rwanda!

“Join Us!” is a page for those interested in contributing to the project in whatever way possible, be this through the contribution of ideas, skills, or finances for the project. Contact info. for Ali Nagle and Lauren Caldarera is listed. 

Visit the “Multimedia” page for the latest complete videos published by the B & B Documenting Team. Check back soon for an update including links to photos from the major events of the year!

Last, but certainly not least, the “Supporters” page is a place to thank and list all of the lovely organizations and people who have helped make this project possible. This list is definitely not complete yet, and it will continue to be updated. Links have been posted to the respective websites of the organizations that are listed. 

Please, leave a comment, let us know what you think about the blog, what you’d like to see more of in the future, etc…



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