TEAM Visit Re-cap Day 1

Finally! The first day of TEAM’S visit to IU has come and gone. As the rest of the weekend goes underway, let’s re-live some of the highlighting moments.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

  1. 4:30pm – students arrive at the Global Village (just in time for a snack before kickin’ it at the Kickoff celebration)
  2. 5:15pm – The Kickoff Celebration commences. Fortunately, this year no tears were shed. Thank you Nancy, Madelyn, Caitlin, Zahnik, and Jana for your introdctory speeches and MC skills.
  3. 9:15pm – Writing Partners meet. Yes, the epic climax that all the writing partners and even the documenters have been waiting for all semester. All I can say is, I have never heard so much laughter before. Thank you Evaluation Team for making this special moment a success!

It was a long day with emotions and energy running high. Even though the evening was exhausting, everyone’s spirit was exuberant.


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One response to “TEAM Visit Re-cap Day 1

  1. Kim Morris-Newson

    This think you all are doing a great job. The power one person possesses is unfathomable. The Americanphilosopher and essayist Ralp Waldo Wmerson declared: He is grat who confers the most benefits. He is base… to receive favors and render none”. The courageous heart of a champion unlocks a wellspring of boundless and immeasureable strength.

    There is a man living in Bloomington from East African ( Tanzania). He told me story about how the children in his village did not have any books. They had to walk for two hours to go to the near by library to read a book. His goal is to provide books for the elementary students in his village.

    I would like to know if it is possible for you to help him get books to the village children. His name is Walter Miya. You can contact him at ( or 812/767-0953. It brought tears to my eyes when he told me the story about his village. He is determine to build a library for the students. Please help his with his dream of getting books for the village children. The children are our future. No one can ever be spared from difficulty. In fact, the greater the obstacles one confronts. The key is whether you can draw upon ever-deeper reserves of patience and perseverance in the midst of successive hardships, and keep taking another steip to forge on. With your help you would make it possible for my children to learn and grow in order to make this a better world for every one. Thank you for your hard efforts and concern. I will end by saying, ” Perosnal success means nothing if we forget the person ring in front of us”.

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