TEAM Visit Re-cap Day 2

TEAM’s visit to IU is half-way over! It may be sad but let’s be thankful Books and Beyond is able to have this special opportunity to bring together to major players of the project and get year 3 off to a great start.

Friday, October 1, 2010

  1. 9:30am – TEAM students take a tour around the world in an hour and a half. Thank you, Mathers Museum of World Cultures.
  2. 9:30am – The high school TEAM students speak with Mary Tourner with IU’s Admissions Office, to talk about what it takes to get into college. The students express that they’ve never been more motivated to do what it takes to a receive higher education.
  3. 2:15pm – The campus tour takes place. The students see astonshing IU sites such as the Musical Arts Center, the Indiana Memorial Union, the Herman B. Well’s Library, Showalter Fountain’s Venus, and the Art Museum. More than hearing about the IU college experience, they lived it. Some students expressed how excited they are to attend university (a few even want to come to IU).
  4. 5:00pm – Mark Ryan, do-it-all extraordinaire, gives the writing partners a tutorial on how to write and illustrate. His insights into life and words of wisdom never cease to amaze. He really captures his 11-19 year old audience.
  5. Wiriwe! The students learn how to say few Ikinyarwanda words, as well as Rwanda’s history and traditions. Heads up! There’s gonna be a pop quiz.
Even though this weekend is flying by us and the members have spent the last 29 hours living, sleeping, eating, and working alongside each other, the bonds have been made. It is all inspiring to see Newark’s finest with the Global Village’s most dedicated minds. To capture the essence of this day in one quote one of the project’s returning members, Jessica Odoom, says, “Today has meant a lot to me. I was happy to spend time with my partner and get to know them as well as spend time with Ms. Nagle.”
The coming together and collaboration of the project’s partners are the key to a successful end goal. It leads one to think what other visions of wonder will be had tomorrow! Stay tuned…

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