TEAM Visit Re-cap Day 3

As the third day of the TEAM visit is coming to a close, writing partners are enjoying a last opportunity to bond over a few rounds of bowling at the Indiana Memorial Union. Here’s what happened today.

Saturday, October 2, 2009

  1. 9:ooam – Beth Lewis Samuelson and James Kigamwa lead a workshop on how to “write to your reader.” Learning to write across cultures is key to the success of the projects ability to progress.
  2. 10:50am – The ingenious Mark Ryan leads another workshop. This time, he assists the students in brainstorming idea and story boarding
  3. 2:30pm – The first draft of the stories commence. Going around to hear everyone’s wonderful idea sparks creativity in my own mind. It’s lovely to see the project progressing in real time. If no one has told you, this year’s theme revolves around community. Tell us a day in the life, for example. If you have suggestions, feel free to comment.
  4. 5:30pm – The long awaited Evaluation Workshop came upon us like a whirlwind of simultaneous exploding art (at least that’s what it felt like). We were able to see the work of everyone who contributed over the course of the weekend, which included the mosaics, the sculptures, and a poster. During this workshop, students were required to split into groups and sum up their weekend with dramatic interpretations. I would some up that experience in one word – wild. Don’t worry, we have video.
  5. 9:00pm – The students spend one last time together in one large mass before TEAM heads back to Newark in the morning. Hopefully they can take the motivation and inspiration they have gained during this weekend to create fruitful stories that will be read by thousands of Rwandan children in the year to come.



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