Americorps Offers B&B Students Community Building Opportunities

From left: Eleanor Stevenson, Caitlin Ryan, Lauren Caldarera, Ellie Berry, and Madelyn Kissel.


This year, the Global Village is home to eight members of the Americorps Service-Engagement Corps. In addition to serving the Global Village in a variety of ways, four of these members dedicate the majority of their service hours to Books & Beyond. Evaluation Team Lead Eleanor Stevenson, Fund Development Team Lead Madelyn Kissel, Documenting Team Lead Caitlin Ryan, and Collaborator Lead Ellie Berry have each dedicated themselves to 300 hours of service with Books & Beyond and the Global Village this academic year.

Additionally, Americorps members Danni McPherron, John Sims, Sarah Mosier, and Alexis Meleo are serving Books & Beyond as collaborators, documenters, and pen pals. These four outstanding service-engagement corps members also focus on serving the Global Village by coordinating events and service opportunities to engage their fellow students.

To learn more about the Americorps, please visit:


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