Evaluation Team Findings

During the 2011 Newark trip this January, the Evaluation Team addressed a gathering of Global Village and TEAM participants, presenting our findings from the October Workshop.  In examining interviews and artistic artifacts (such as Play-Do© sculptures) from both IU and TEAM students, we found some rather interesting and informative results.  We were looking to see what the benefits of the Books & Beyond Project are for all those involved.  In essence, what did students feel they were getting out of this project?

According to our data, IU participants consider Books & Beyond a way to make a difference in the world.  “I wanted to be part of something where I knew I could make a differences in someone’s life,” said one IU participant, “and this is definitely a very direct way of doing that.” Many IU participants also view Books & Beyond as an opportunity for professional development, citing the project as a beneficial addition to their résumés.  TEAM participants mentioned the power of the project to enact social change.  To quote one TEAM student:  “We are not waiting for Superman.”

After the presentation of our findings, we asked for feedback from those in attendance regarding the job we had been doing throughout the year.  We received several insightful suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the Evaluation Team in years to come.

For more, view the Evaluation Team’s Prezi Presentation here.


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