TEAM School’s Visit Day One: Khafeeon’s Journal

Day One at IU

By Khafeeon Love

After two flights and a bus ride, we finally made it to Indiana. Once we arrived, we headed straight over to Max’s Place. It’s not someone’s house, it’s a pizza place. This is where the kick-off celebration took place. Many people came out to help support Books & Beyond and enjoyed some very delicious pizza. And guess what . . . 10% of the profits made that night were donated to Books & Beyond. How awesome is that?! Later that night, the IU and TEAM school students went over to the lounge at GV to meet their wonderful new writing partners. Once everyone was acquainted with each other, the trivia began. The writing partners took part in a game of Jeopardy based on facts about Books & Beyond, TEAM Schools, Indiana University, and Rwanda. The night finally came to an end and everyone returned to their dorms for quiet hours. Some of us went out for ice cream at the Creamery. Well, I’m off to go write some books. First day at IU = Awesome !


Khafeeon and Priyanka at a writing partner workshop.


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One response to “TEAM School’s Visit Day One: Khafeeon’s Journal

  1. Khafeeon

    This is one of the BEST experiences of my life : )

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