Global Gifts/Books&Beyond Community Night

Did you go to Global Gifts last Thursday? If not, you missed out on a great event! Last Thursday, Global Gifts donated 10% of purchases to the Books & Beyond program. The event lasted from 5-8 pm at the fair trade store Global Gifts, which is located on the Courthouse Square Downtown Bloomington. Global Village students from Books & Beyond were encouraged to tell their friends, family, classmates, and the community to do some early Christmas shopping that day. Hannah Fidler, a volunteer at Global Gifts said that most of the people that came into the store were there for Books & Beyond. “We were also trying to tell other people that came to the store”, Fidler said. The event seemed to be successful since there were quite a few Global Village students that came in that day! However, we are still waiting on the final figures.

A shopper participate in Books&Beyond community night at Global Gifts Thursday evening.

Global Gifts is a not-for-profit fair trade store that gives an opportunity for impoverished artisans from over 40 developing countries to bring their craft traditions to the U.S. The profit of every purchased craftwork goes back to the artisans that make them. The items that they craft range from extravagant scarves, jewelry, postcards, baby clothing, journals, soap, and more. The items are made from unique environmental and sustainable products like recycled newspapers, student’s old homework, elephant dung, and etc. There are three Global Gift stores in the country: two in Indianapolis and one here in Bloomington. The Bloomington Global Gift store opened in 2009. Global Gifts operates by three paid employees and over 100 volunteers.

Dakota Henninger, a Writing Partner, shops at Global Gifts.


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