With My New Friends

by Zaire Culver

From morning to evening there has been curiosity and excitement. Being one of the first ones done with my story it feels like I have already helped someone. It was also nice to have extra time to chill with my partner. Getting to know my new partner was a more challenging issue because he was not my original partner, but meeting new people is what this is all about. The most exciting part of the day was when we traveled into the city. My partner Alex was so amazed to see New York City and all of the lights just like you would see on TV. For some people who never see what we see everyday to be so amazed makes this program worth helping every year.

Going to New York, going ice skating, seeing tall buildings, seeing wide smiles, trying new things, and meeting new people made today this day more exciting. Talking to new people and getting to know them on so many levels makes us better people. It is hard to explain how enjoyable everyone has been. Every inch of the day, everyone had a smile waiting at the end of each minute to show their appreciation for this program and for this trip. The only way this day could get better is if I knew I was leaving back to Indiana tomorrow with the IU students.


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