Beth Samuelson speaks about Sudan

This past Thursday at the Global Village, Professor Beth Samuelson spoke about her recent travel to Khartoum  in Sudan. Professor Samuelson was formerly Books & Beyond’s faculty advisor and has taken numerous trips to Africa, though was her first excursion to Sudan. She was invited to stay in Sudan through her work with an organization known as  TESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages. She visited a few universities throughout Sudan, saw ancient pyramids, and discussed ways in which there could be more interactions between Americans and Sudanese. Professor Samuelson encouraged those interested in teaching English or traveling to consider Sudan .”There’s so much desire for English and that desire has been pent up for so long due to political reasons.” She also says it may take time before interactions increase due to governmental policies.” I think if you are looking for opportunities to go to Sudan, they will come after IU. This is the kind of opportunity that comes after finishing a degree,  but it’s a great if you’re looking for a place to teach English and learn Arabic.” Professor Samuelson has been a valuable resource to the project and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to gain insight from her travels.


Professor Beth Samuelson speaks with Global Villagers about her recent trip to Sudan.



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