Sunday Blog Review: Sophie van Leeuwen in Rwanda

A photo from one of reporter Sophie van Leeuwen's articles on Rwanda.

A photo from one of reporter Sophie van Leeuwen's articles on Rwanda.

In the most recent issue of our newsletter, Amakuru, PR team member Emily Beeson wrote a great review of Josh Ruxin’s New York Times blog about Rwanda.  In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some more blogs, articles, and other media about Rwanda here on our WordPress, along with our insights and comments.  We hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit more about Rwanda with us.

This week’s featured journalist is Sophie van Leeuwen, a reporter for Radio Netherlands Worldwide Africa desk.  Though currently reporting from Senegal, Ms. van Leeuwen wrote some insightful pieces on her experiences in Rwanda in 2010.  Whether dealing with culture shock, the Kagame administration and its relationship with the media, or corruption in microfinance initiatives, her writing has an honest, sincere quality that reveals a genuine curiosity about Rwanda.  It’s refreshing to find journalism in the West that discusses contemporary Rwanda, and not only in terms of the 1994 genocide.

Read some of Ms. van Leeuwen’s articles at the following links:

Microfinance Pt. 1

Microfinance pt. 2

Culture Shock

You can follow her on Twitter at @sophievleeuwen, and Radio Netherlands Africa desk as well at @RNWAfrica.

Post by Emily Neitzel; Photo by Sophie van Leeuwen, used with permission (originally found here).


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