Town Hall Meeting

On Monday, February 27th, Books & Beyond hosted a town hall meeting in the Global Village First Floor Lounge. The event was a chance for different teams to interact and share their updates for the project. The individual team updates are as follows:

Writing Partner/Collaborators: Collaborators will be story-boarding to decide the general lay-out of the book and work on formatting inconsistencies

Evaluation: Transcribing interviews and surveys for the end of the year project evaluation

Fundraising: Books & Beyond received the Metz Grant! We also received the $5,000 gas card from Citgo’s Fueling Good Program. There will be a Noodles Dine & Donate Wednesday March 7th, and a Red Mango Dine & Donate in April.

Documenting Team: Working on videos, 2 are completed and 3 more are in the process of being completed. Planning on having a documentary night sometime in April. Also working on the cover design for the book.

Public Relations: Building more community contacts, recently met with the Monroe County Library, and about to publish the 9th issue of Amakuru. Open to ideas for new community/campus contacts.

Pen Pal: Next e-mail due March 1st, sent to the pen pals in Rwanda. They are planning on hosting a story-telling night later in the semester to share their cross-cultural stories they have experienced through being a pen pal.

Hannah Catt suggests the idea of a Books & Beyond library where people can share their favorite stories and borrow books from fellow members.

After the team updates, members of Books & Beyond brainstormed more ways we would come together as a whole and discuss what is happening in the project. It is always encouraging to see what other members are working on and discuss new ideas the project can explore. We look forward to coming together as a group again soon and appreciate all the hard-work that has gone into this semester so far!


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