Check out this cool student-led Rwandan writing project!

Books & Beyond’s Indiana University students have been on spring break, but we’re back now and more blog posts, tweets, and updates are in the works!

This week, we want to share some information about a unique student-led project in Rwanda that’s working to enrich the culture of reading and writing, and encourage more students to write creatively. It’s exciting to see other student-led groups that are working towards the same goals as Books & Beyond.

High School Review, a nonprofit based in Kigali, was founded by prolific author/poet/songwriter/essayist RWABIGWI David Gilbert in 2009.  According to the group’s mission statement, they aim to “facilitate the youth to encounter opportunities of developing their creative and writing skills by learning from each other and others – through the spaces that we create.”


High School Review's logo, from their Twitter profile.

High School Review offers similar activities to those offered through Books & Beyond, ranging from writing and publishing to advocacy, fundraising and research.  Their publications are varied, including student-written content in English, French, and Kinyarwanda. You can read a recent issue of one of their publications, Gorilla Magazine, at the link below. This issue includes articles from many Rwandan high school students. Check out Geoffrey Kabani’s commentary on the responsibilities of leadership, or Denyse Umuhoz’s poem about friendship, among a wide variety of articles:


Follow @HiSchoolReview on Twitter, and visit their website:


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One response to “Check out this cool student-led Rwandan writing project!

  1. Pamela Connell

    thanks for promoting HSR. It is rising in the ranks of recognition for its effectiveness and the drive of its leaders. There are so many new student-led projects coming out of the recent high school graduates. I think they’ve caught what it means to be an entrepreneur!!

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