The day has arrived! Volunteers leave for Rwanda

With suitcases in tow, Books & Beyond volunteers are boarding their flight to Rwanda today. The air is full of anticipation and excitement as the Kabwende Holiday Camp starts in one week. Here is what some of the volunteers did with their summer before leaving for Rwanda:


Khafeeon Love (Writing Partner 2011-2012):

I am super excited for the trip and it came so fast! So far this summer i have been going to the beach, the city, and hanging out with friends and family as much as i can before we leave. I’m really looking forward to seeing the looks on the kids’ faces when we pass out books and the excitement that they might have. Also, my mom and aunts have been telling all their friends that I’m going to Africa and at first i was like ” yup, its just a trip” but now i really see the seriousness of it. What 14 year old you know that travel to Africa for free ? I am really grateful that i was chosen to go and i’m super happy! i also can’t wait to see my writing partner ( the awesome Priyanka) again.


Caleb Kurowski (Strategic Planner 2011-2012):

So far this summer I’ve been working at the GV as an office assistant roughly 30 hours a week, and I’ve been helping Lauren compile a lot of materials we’ll be using on the trip, including some Reader’s Theater scripts, some quick and easy lesson activities, and a guide to basic Kinyarwanda that I’m fairly proud of.  I’ve also been doing some tutoring this summer to earn extra cash on the side.  Other than that my time is split between hanging with friends, gardening, home repairs, lots of outdoor activities and reading!  Its been a great summer and I can’t wait to leave for Rwanda next week!


Jessica Odoom (Writing Partner 2011-2010):
So far this summer I’ve been ordering books that I need in order to complete my summer assignments for my AP English, Senior Writing, and AP Statistics courses which I will be taking during the 2012-2013 school year. I’ve only been able to finish reading one book which is “South Of Broad” by Pat Conroy; one of the best books that I have ever read.  I still have two more books to read, a blog to do for my AP statistics class, and a summer math packet for that class as well. I’m not worried about that because I know i can get all of that done in less than two weeks before school starts.
    Even though I have  a lot to do I  have still managed to have fun and enjoy myself. I have been spending time with my younger brother Joshua, went to get a manicure and pedicure with my mom which was something I really needed. I also attended CamelBeach Moutnain Water Park in the Poconos with some friends which was really fun, and have done a lot of shopping not only for the trip to Rwanda but for myself. I’m really excited to go to Rwanda, but a bit scared to be on a plane for a very long time since I have not experienced that in a very long time.

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