“A Challenge that Extends Beyond the Classroom” -Ali Nagle

TEAM Academy teacher and Books & Beyond coordinator, Ali Nagle, reflects on TEAM Academy’s involvement in East Africa:

“Six years ago, I was inspired by my students asking, “Why can’t we do that? Why can’t we build a school in Africa?” Even today, it still sounds crazy. And then I remember Jason, Jessica, Khafeeon,  and A’Kayla standing in a school they helped build, meeting families, and experiencing a completely new culture.

So big KIPPsters, fellow teachers, and blog readers, let my students’ initial questions and experiences resonate in your ears and your heart. I challenge you to reflect on an idea so crazy that at first blush you dismissed it. What if you could really make it happen? Could this idea change your students lives? And even your own? What if you decided today to make this happen?


Here is my promise to you: you can do this. Have blind faith and believe me. Be brave. Know it isn’t easy. Just know that for me, nothing has been more rewarding than sharing this adventure with the students at TEAM Schools; the dozen who have traveled overseas with me, but also the hundreds who have expanded their minds and hearts and changed the world, both in Newark and in East Africa.”

To read the full blog post about Ali and TEAM Academy’s projects go here.


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