B&B Alum publish an academic article about the B&B Project

Last August, B&B Alumni Caitlin Ryan, Ross Smith and Eleanor Stevenson along with our School of Education faculty advisor Beth Samuelson, published an academic article through the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, an academic journal based out of IUPUI. In the article, they evaluated the success of our service-learning project. The core of their research was to find what B&B is doing well as an unique service-learning, cross-cultural project as well as what B&B needs to do better. The evaluations and reflections included in the academic journal were conducted and reported in the 2010-2011 school year. Image

In 2010-2011, 100% of IU and TEAM school students “believed that B&B would help them to have impact on their world” (Samuelson, Stevenson, Smith, Ryan).

The authors wrote an overview about each part of the project, the structure of the project, the student evaluations, the findings and the future. They found that even though conducting the youth participatory evaluation helped them receive a wealth of insights about what students get out of the project, there could still be more engagement in the evaluation process with the TEAM students. The authors also cited that they would like to see data collected from the Kabwende Primary School students about their experiences in B&B as participants.

Numbers demonstrate how the project has thrived since beginning in 2008.Image

Twenty-five Global Village students were involved with Books & Beyond in its inaugural year (2008–9). Twelve TEAM students participated in the project and contributed stories to the collection.

In 2009–10, forty-six Global Village residents and twelve TEAM students joined in the project.

In 2010–11, fifty-five Books & Beyond participants represented 33% of the total population, with 18% rejoining the project for a second or third year, and fourteen TEAM students participated

These trends in growth have continued in 2011–12 and 2012–13. Each year, a majority of the Indiana University participants are first-year students; approximately one-third of all Global Village residents have chosen to be involved in Books & Beyond. (Samuelson, Smith, Stevenson, Ryan)  

Click here to read the entire case study article.



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