B&B and TEAM Schools Alum Jessica Odoom Talks about College

1378206_10201523341819307_300766361_nMy senior year of high school consisted of lots of college applications; 21 to be exact. AP classes, Books & Beyond, and lots of stress all consumed my time, but that was all over on May 1, 2013. I had finally decided to attend Rutgers University – Newark.

My journey at RU began in September and I’m loving every single part of it!  My professors at RU are really nice and they even remember my name. I like that my classes are small and interesting. The homework so far isn’t too bad, just a lot of reading. The people here are so nice! The campus is also very diverse, which is the best part. I’m learning a lot about other people and other cultures. My suitemates are also very nice. We’ve been doing everything together.  We’re a very diverse group.  My suitemates are: Victoria, Meera,  Athena, and Aamina. Victoria is Polish, Meera, is a British Indian, Elmina is Cameroonian, Athena is Puerto Rican, and Aamina is Dominican. Elmina is my roommate. I live on the sixth floor, which in my opinion is the best floor because everyone on this floor is very social.


Everyone I’ve met so far on campus has a story to tell. A story that makes them all different. I enjoy telling my story about Books & Beyond and being able to go to Rwanda. It made me realize that Books & Beyond was the best thing that I choose to do in high school and because of Books & Beyond I am looking forward to graduating from college so that I can give back to the students at Kabwende and even to the town of Musanze. I’ve decided that I want to double major in English and Biology and minor in Computer Science at Rutgers. With that, I will attend medical school to become a pediatrician. Once I am a pediatrician, I would love to split my time between the U.S. and Rwanda. I want to go to Rwanda when the Books & Beyond members are there so that I can provide my services to the students who take part in the holiday camps. This is just my way of giving back to Rwanda what they gave me, happiness and a great experience.



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