Books & Beyond: Help Kabwende Primary Schools

 As for nearly every non-profit organization dedicated to make an impact in education, we need support from people that believe in our cause in order to make a substantial change. 

This year, Books and Beyond needs $76,640 in total to print and ship the books ($2,300), to help fund infrastructural issues at Kabwende Schools like fences, desks, bikes for teachers who walk 3 hours to get to school each day ($5,000), to travel to Newark, NJ where Indiana University students meet with TEAM students to finish writing the books ($8,464), to host a Holiday Camp at Kabwende to help teach the students English ($54,000), and to fund promotional material for fundraising ($1,500). We are currently soliciting grants from different sources. So far, we have raised $2,500 through RHA (Residence Hall Association) and RHAA (Residence Hall Alumni Association), but we still have a ways to go before we have enough money for our budget. The $8,000 we raise through gofundme will go towards printing and shipping as well as infrastructural needs. We hope that you consider donating to our project!

To donate to the Books & Beyond Project, please click here.


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