Year V

July 14-August 8, 2013: Trip to Rwanda
A delegation of IU and TEAM schools students, faculty, and staff travel to Rwanda for the second Kabwende Holiday Camp. In addition to teaching writing, reading, and critical thinking skills, participants distributed The World is Our Home: Volume 5 to Kabwende students.

April 28, 2013: End of the Year Celebration
B&B reflects on the year’s accomplishments at Global Village’s End of the year Celebration.

March 25, 2013: Dine and Donate at Noodle & Company
25% of sales went to Books & Beyond.

January 18-20, 2013: Indiana University participants visit TEAM Schools in Newark.
Writing partners and other B&B particpants bond, finish their stories, and learn about the project.

December 2, 2012: End-of-semester Celebration
B&B celebrates the semester at Global Village.

November 27, 2012: Community Shopping Night at Global Gifts.
10% of all sales went to Books & Beyond.

October 18-20, 2012: TEAM Schools students visit Indiana University
IU and TEAM Schools students meet, learn about the writing process, and began writing their stories.

September 22, 2012: All Member Training
Indiana University participants meet with their groups to learn goals and tasks for the year.

August 26, 2012: Volunteer Call-out Meeting and Pancake Breakfast
B&B team leaders present the project to potential IU participants.


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