Year VI

July 13, 2014-August 11, 2014: IU and TEAM Schools visit Rwanda
A team of IU and TEAM Schools students, faculty, and staff traveled to Rwanda to deliver year 6’s anthology. While there, they also collaborated with the Kabwende Primary School teachers in teaching writing and reading at the annual Kabwende Holiday Camp.

April 23, 2014: Fundraising Dinner
Books & Beyond celebrated their volunteers at a fundraising dinner that featured Michael Uslan, executive producer of the Batman movie franchise, as a keynote speaker.

April 2014: Remembering Rwanda Film Series
B&B sponsored a film series at the Indiana University Cinema which commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. They showed three films about Rwanda: Sometimes in April, As We Forgive, and Africa United.

March 27, 2014: Kinyarwanda micro-lesson
IU students get the chance to learn Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s national language, with a native speaker.

January 17-20, 2014: IU students visit TEAM Schools in Newark
IU students traveled to Newark to collaborate with their TEAM Schools writing partners on their stories and to learn about KIPP Charter Schools and Rwanda.

December 5th, 2013: End-of-semester Celebration
B&B celebrates its Indiana University participants at an end-of-semester event.

December 2013: fundraiser
B&B starts a fundraiser on To donate to the project through gofundme, click here.

November 6, 2013: Service and non-profits in Sub-Saharan Africa Net working Event
B&B teams up with Peace Corps, Hands of Hope, and Kilimanjaro Education Outreach to discuss service opportunities in East Africa.

October 15, 2013: Rwanda Kabwende Holiday Camp Information Session
Indiana University students learned how they could join B&B during their 2014 trip to Rwanda.

October 14, 2013: Ghosts of Rwanda Film Screening
Books & Beyond showed this documentary that explains the 1994 genocide.

October 2, 2013: TED Talk Discussion and Ice Cream Social
Indiana University project participants joined for a discussion about “The Danger of a Single Story” TED talk by Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie

August 2013: B&B alumni and faculty advisor publish an academic article about B&B’s effect on its’ participants
Beth Lewis Samuelson, Ross Smith, Eleanor Stevenson, and Caitlin Ryan publish the article, “A case of youth participatory evaluation in co-curricular service learning”, in the Journal of the Scholarship and Teaching. They report findings from the 2010-2011 evaluation of the project and explain why students participate and how they are affected by it. Read the entire article here.


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