Jason Odoom

I am 16 years old and I have been a part of Books & Beyond for two years. I am currently a junior at Newark Collegiate Academy, a charter school in Newark, New Jersey, that is part of KIPP, the Knowledge is Power Program. KIPP is a national network of free college-preparatory schools which prepare students in under-served communities for success in college and in life. There are currently four TEAM Schools in Newark that serve under KIPP. All TEAM Schools start school around 7 am and end at 4:15 pm. The school year starts in August with a summer-school portion and continues all the way through the middle of June.

I love Books & Beyond. I decided to be apart of Books & Beyond because it helped me to reach out to others and aid them in accomplishing an important mission. This mission, one of many, is to learn to speak English fluently.

Currently, English is an important language. It is a language that is used for communication among world leaders. The future of a country is determined by how they can comprehend their allies; this also opens up portals to create new ones. Learning English is important for that reason. Learning a new language is never easy, but with the help and philanthropy of Books & Beyond, I believe we are accomplishing our mission.

One role in the project that I’ve played was by lending my technical knowledge to train the writers on how to use a voice and video chat program to communicate with their partners from afar.

I have gained a lot from being part of this project. It has helped me truly understand the definition of strife and the determination to surpass it.


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